Before you Arrive:

• Paperwork required for dog park: Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP, and negative Fecal Test from Veterinary Clinic
• Send Shot Records in advance to
• Make sure pet is on flea preventative (verbal confirmation)
​• Check weight restriction days and events that may cause the park to be closed.

General Park Regulations

Requirements to Enter
• Spayed/neutered when above the age of 1 year old

• Updated proof of Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP, and a negative fecal test

• All entering park must sign waiver

• Well socialized with other dogs of all sizes

• Control of your pet; your pet needs to listen to your commands

• Healthy Dog. Do not attend if your pet is having abnormal symptoms. 

Expectations of Civility
• Keep an eye on your dog at all times, all attendees are owner-supervised. 

• Clean up after your dog. If they pee on any equipment, you must rinse off the effected area. If they poop, it must be quickly picked up and rinsed away. Peeing on the grass is fine, with no cleanup necessary.

• Your dog must respect personal space of other dogs and not instigate any confrontations.

​• No fighting tolerated; if your dog is no longer in the mood to play, it's time to go.

• Expect dogs to be excited and jump on individuals coming in, they just want love and attention!

• Don't share food with other dogs, they may have allergies!

Park Rules
• No outside toys in the park 

• Monitor your dog and their behavior around other dogs

• Immediately clean up after your dog (encourage outside bathroom use)

• Play must be balanced (pets must respect personal space and be ready to play with other dogs in the park)

• No excessive barking - barky play can rile up pack behavior, and quickly change the mood of the indoor space. We want an enjoyable space for humans too.

• No training collars in playground (e-collar or prong collar)

• Humans be cool 

• No fighting, biting, or dominance play.

• The dog park has a 1 bite policy, regardless of situation. 

• No mounting - however we do offer "puppy" baby showers

• If your dog injures another dog from fighting, you may be held liable for their initial vet visit. We have 3 HD cameras surveying the park at all times.

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If your dog is exhibiting any inappropriate behavior:

1) Call your dog away from play
2) Allow them to calm down near you before letting them back to play
3) If your dog goes back to inappropriate behavior, take a leashed timeout outside of the dog park until your dog has calmed down
4) After re-entry, if your dog goes back to inappropriate behavior, it's time to go home

Paw-radise Dog Park has a one-strike policy for bites. Any behavior deemed aggressive is grounds for dismissal and a permanent ban from the park.

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