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The Benefits

Say hello to Douggy, our happy bath enthusiast! Once a bath skeptic, now he's all smiles during his bubble baths. This delightful transformation is what our Unlimited Bath Membership offers. Join us and see how we turn bath time into a blissful, bubbly adventure for your furry friend!

  • Unlimited Baths

  • Wellness Check

  • Specialized Shampoo for frequent usage

  • Reduced Skin/Ear Infections

  • Exclusive Microbubble System

  • Soothing Relief for Chronic Skin Issues

  • No More Long/Sharp Nails

  • Clean Teeth & Ears


What Our Clients Say

Spotlight Testimonial: Luna's Remarkable Skin Transformation

"I've seen a dramatic change in my spaniel Luna's skin health since we started using
Pawradise Estero's bath membership. They've partnered with a company that uses a special shampoo with something like healing clay. Lunas coat is not only cleaner but her skin irritations have visibly reduced."

Alex & Luna

Pet Owner / Estero

Customer Highlight: Smooth Nails, Happy Tails

"Ever since joining the bath membership, our pets nails are always perfectly smooth. Its worth the money just for the nail trims"


Pet Owner / Estero

Freshness Revealed: Jake's Weekly Bath Transformation

"After starting weekly baths with the membership we realized just how much we'd gotten used to Jake's smell. Now, he is consistently fresh, and we can really tell the difference when it's bath time again!"

Sarah & Jake

Pet Owner / Estero

Spoil Your Dog with Unlimited Baths - First Month Free!

It's risk free & no contract. If you hate having a clean dog you can cancel at any time.

Spoil Your Dog with Unlimited Baths - First Month Free!

It's risk free & no contract. If you hate having a clean dog you can cancel at any time.


You have questions , we have answers

How long does it take to bathe my dog?

Time may vary, but for our membership bath clients not getting any addons it typically takes us 30-45 minutes to wash, nail trim, ear cleaning, & towel dry.

Do you also accept cats and other pets?

Currently our bath membership is exclusively for dogs.

What are your other services?

The bath membership allows for certain addons to be added such as our Blowdry package which includes Hand dry, Brushout, & Deshedding. Click the "Addon Menu" Button to see a price breakdown.

What papers/documents do I need to bring?

Required by FL law, we require updated rabies vaccinations.

What's the special shampoo you use?

Our shampoo features Nano Volcanic Minerals from healing clay, known for absorbing impurities and revitalizing skin and coat. It's 100% natural and tear-free, ensuring a deep, gentle cleanse.

What's included in the membership?

Our membership covers unlimited wash, nail trimming & file, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and towel dry.

Hand Blow Dry is an addon we charge depending on Coat Type & Size of your pet. Check our "Addon Menu Pricing" below for more info.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! There are no contracts, we're only happy if you're happy. We ask you cancel within 3 days of your next payment. We understand life happens and rest assured customer satisfaction is #1 priority.

What is the Wellness Check?

We conduct basic health checks during grooming, including skin and coat assessment, to identify any potential concerns that we can bring to your attention.

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